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Rochester Mutual Aid Network Logo

Request aid, directly from your community

If you are in need of aid, please fill out the form below. We just need your contact information so we know where to drop the supplies off. A volunteer from the network will get in contact with you shortly!

Please be sure to let us know how urgent your need is. For example, if you have enough supplies for the week, your request is not as urgent as someone who is completely out of food right now. Please use your best judgement.

All of your information is confidential and will only be used to fulfill your request!

You can also call us at 585-200-5630! ¡También puedes llamarnos al 585-200-5630!

Please fill out this form to request aid and we'll get in contact with you soon!

Are you currently in quarantine?

Do you know of others who might need assistance??

Use your best judgment. If you are out of food or your utilities are about to be shut off, you need aid within 1 Day!
Please let us know how many adults, as well as children and infants if applicable, need aid. This helps us determine what kind and amount of supplies to send.
We're most prepared to answer requests for food and medical supplies, but if you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask! We'll be happy to bring some diapers or cleaning supplies as well. If you have any specific equipment in your kitchen (ie rice cooker/instapot, crockpot etc) let us know, we may be able to tailor your supplies to your equipment. *If you have any dietary restrictions (ie vegan/vegetarian) or allergies, please let us know about them!*