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Rochester Mutual Aid Network Logo

Get involved, volunteer!

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network is powered exclusively by volunteers and we need you! We need people to deliver supplies to their neighbors, we need people out there purchasing the things we supply, we need people to help run this site... there's lots of work to be done!

If you want to become a volunteer with the network, please fill out the form below. There are a few checkboxes we've setup that cover some of the things we need right now, but we want this network to grow in capacity and scope. So at the end of the form, if you have any other aid you'd like to offer, please let us know! The more robust the network, the more our community can thrive.

After you sign up, you'll be added to our list of contacts. If a request comes in that aligns with the aid you're offering, we'll reach out and see if you can fulfill your neighbor's request! Simple as that.

Lastly, if you'd like to help the network but don't have the capacity to volunteer, we hope you'll consider making a donation! As a completely volunteer network, 100% of the funds we receive are put toward meeting the needs of the community. Thank you!

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