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Rochester Mutual Aid Network Logo

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network began as a crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit, and the quarantine orders began, they hit a city that was already in crisis; poverty, homelessness, gentrification, and layoffs had already been a feature of life in Rochester for years. The COVID-19 crisis and the turmoil it would bring would only exacerbate the foundational problems we were facing as a city.

Drawing on the long tradition of mutual aid, we started the Network to help our community sustain itself. Our task was simple in concept: connect those in need of aid with those who can offer it. Our community is vast and diverse, and through organizing we believe we can not only sustain our community through this pandemic, but grow a Network that will help our community thrive after this crisis is behind us. The Network is run democratically and transparently, composed exclusively of volunteers working together to create something resilient that will strengthen our community.

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network began as a project of the Rochester chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, but has since grown to include members from the Rochester Organization of Rank and File Educators, the City Wide Tenant Union, Citizen Action, Metro Justice, and the pivoting of campaign volunteers from Monroe County for Bernie Sanders, and Robin Wilt for Congress into Flower City Mutual Aid. Most importantly, we are a collection of people who believe in something bigger than ourselves, who believe that it is a moral imperative to make the world more humane and more democratic.

Our long term goal is to have mutual aid move beyond a crisis response and into the realm of day-to-day life. Capitalism offers "freedom”: the "freedom" to quit a job you hate, followed almost immediately by the "freedom" to starve. There can be no real Freedom without a robust society where food, housing, healthcare, education and transportation are guaranteed equitably to all, where people are not oppressed by state violence through police and prisons, where the climate crisis is addressed seriously and immediately, and where the workplace is operated democratically and transparently.

We hope to be a part of not just the reimagining but the rebuilding of our society, one where Freedom is guaranteed because we work together to sustain ourselves. Not for our bosses, and not because we would starve if we didn't, but because we know and recognize that society is built and maintained by people. A strong community that works together to sustain itself is a powerful force. Let's get to work.

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network is run democratically and transparently by a group that is composed exclusively of volunteers. We have no board of directors, and we have no administration costs. 100% of the funds donated to the Network go to direct aid for community members. We have proven to be quite effective at meeting the needs of our friends who seek aid in a democratic way, and we hope to continue to expand our scope in order to make sure that people can not only live through the crisis, but can do so while experiencing real democracy.

Anyone is welcome to join, and any member of the Network has the same voting rights and decision-making power as everyone else. We meet twice a week on online video calls to work out management of the Network, and we are in constant contact with each other through various communications channels. Most decision-making happens at the meetings, but on-the-fly votes are often taken online when time-sensitive matters present themselves.