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Wish Lists

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network curates a few different Amazon Wish Lists to help provide aid to our community, you can find them listed below. Items ordered via our wish lists are delivered directly to one of our hubs and are one of the most direct ways you can offer aid to your neighbors. Thank you so much for your support!

Check out our curated wish lists below!

Food Aid

One in four Rochester residents are food insecure. If you can, please use the wish list below to get some food in the hands of your neighbors.

View our Food Wish List
Hygiene/Cleaning Aid

With stores running short on supplies, and folks trying their best to keep themselves healthy at home, many in our community struggle getting access to hygiene and cleaning supplies. Please use the wish list below to aid your neighbors in keeping their homes stocked with essential goods.

View our Hygiene/Cleaning Wish List
Clothing Aid

Along with donated items from the community, we try and keep some basic clothing items stocked. Things like socks and underwear are always needed, please check out the wish list below if you can help supply some!

View our Clothing Wish List
Hub Support

The Rochester Mutual Aid Network operates hubs around the city. These hubs are where we stock items to package and deliver to the community, they are the nerve centers of our Network. We can always use a little help with things like packing tape, shelving etc, so if you'd like to help us operate our hubs, please check out the below wish list.

View Hub Support Wish List
Food Stand Support

As of April 2021, the Rochester Mutual Aid Network is using some of its funds to help keep food stands around the city stocked. As part of that effort, volunteers assemble hygiene and period care packs for the stands. Along with food and other supplies, we leave a number of these packs at the stands. If you'd like to help us supply those items to food stands, please use the wish list linked below.

View Food Stand Support Wish List